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Coming in 2024

3 Releases in 2024

 Release : April 2024
The 25 Visions cmyk Front Cover 5 x 8 cmyk.jpg

The 25 Visions 1999 thru 2039

Caleb  MacDonald

Book is about 25 visions Caleb received from God in 1994.  

Chapters in the book:

1  The Types of Prophets

     -What Visions Are​

2  The 25 Visions

3  The Survivors

     -Faith in God is a Necessity

     -The Remnant

4  Why God is Sending Judgement

5  My Testimony

 Release : June 2024
Heavens Requirements.jpg

Heavens Requirements

Caleb  MacDonald

Book is about the requirements from God for getting to Heaven as mentioned in the Bible. There is a heavy use of scripture from the Bible. 


Chapters in the book:

1.  A Foundation and the Bible

2.  Being Saved from Sin

3.  Repentance

4.  Faith

5.  Baptisms

6.  The Laying on of Hands

7.  The Resurrection of the Dead

8.  Eternal Judgement

9.  Summing Up

 Release : Sept 2024
Gods Advanced portrat Title 5 red sm copy.png

The Being We Call God

Caleb  MacDonald

Book is about advanced doctrines that are mentioned throughout the Bible. These teachings are indirectly mentioned in the Bible thus there is a heavy use of scripture. These subjects are usually not discussed in Churches.


Chapters in the Book:

1.  The Human Spirit, Body, and Mind

2.  Spiritual Life

3.  Spiritual Maturity

4.  God's Being

5.  The Holy Spirit

6.  Satan and the Fallen Angles

7.  God's Ways

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